Salt Lake City Angels

Our Mission

To provide a forum for like-minded investors to collectively research and investigate early-stage companies so they can independently choose to support companies with capital and mentorship.


We strive to implement the following core values in both word and deed when participating in an SLCA event or representing SLCA within the community:

We communicate respectfully with each other and to entrepreneurs who engage with SLCA.  We understand that starting a business is hard work and respect those willing to try, even if we don’t necessarily see the potential success they see.  We do not belittle anyone’s efforts or ideas.

We believe everyone possesses infinite worth and deserves to be treated with dignity and honor, even if we disagree about various business ideas or ideals.

SLCA conducts its business matters according to the highest ethical standards.  And while we expect our portfolio companies to exert competitiveness, we expect them to do so within the bounds of generally accepted and ethical business practices.

We believe diverse ideas, thoughts, and opinions ultimately lead to better business outcomes.  We value a membership cohort consisting of people from diverse backgrounds, cultural experiences, and socio-economic backgrounds.  We welcome into our membership cohort everyone regardless of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.  This same value of diversity applies to the entrepreneurs who engage with SLCA.

We value strong opinions and ideas coupled with a desire to truly hear diverging opinions and ideas from others.  We strive to listen to divergent points of view in a way that gives equal weight and consideration to our own.


Our strategy for achieving mission success includes five components: our investment thesis, membership, deal flow, due diligence, and administration.

Investment Thesis
SLCA does not restrict our investments to start-ups based on geography, industry, or targeted customers.
Our members are a diverse group of accredited investors who are passionate about business and entrepreneurism. They are critical to our success.
Deal Flow
Establishing a robust “pipeline” of quality start-ups with the potential to bring our investors multiples of invested capital is crucial to our success.
Due Diligence
A comprehensive due diligence process is critical to exposing SLCA members to the information they need to make an informed investment decision.
The appropriate level of organizational structure, systems, and processes; effectively managed and administered, provides the framework that supports the above four strategy components needed to achieve mission success.